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Hot Water Heat Pumps

With our fibreglass tank technology, EMS Holdings provide energy-efficient hot water at a fraction of the cost of conventional element boilers, we cut electricity usage by over 60%

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Low Pressure Water Heating Solutions

EMS Holdings (Pty) Ltd has been manufacturing and providing leading edge heating and refrigeration products and solutions for two decades. EMS manufactures and supplies  superior quality thermal low pressure heat accumulator tanks for industrial and commercial applications. 

We provide specialised engineering and design for water reticulation, heat transfer, heat recovery and energy management. 

Low-Pressure Heat Exchange Systems

EMS Holdings Services

Low Pressure Fibre Glass Water Tanks

Our custom Fibre Glass Water tanks, are locally manufactured and replaces the old conventional steel boiler systems with new low pressure fiberglass heat accumulator tanks.

Polypropylene Pipes And Fusion Welding

EMS imports and supply high quality Polypropylene pipes and fittings.

Air Conditioning And Refrigeration

Split type air-conditioning units, with capacity between 12 000 btu and 100 000 btu’s. Refrigeration equipment and chiller systems.

Heat Pumps

Domestic, Commercial and Industrial heat pumps, tested and proven to be 66.65% energy efficient. We also supply a wide range of pool pumps for domestic and commercial heating application.

Save Electricity - Our Products Cut Electricity usage by 60%

Save 60% On Electricity Usage

How Does The Low-Pressure Water Heating System Work?

More Information On Our Domestic Heat Exchange System

EMS Tanks manufacture fibreglass heat accumulator hot water tanks, with a capacity of 200L to 25000L, suitable for both domestic and industrial applications.

  • Primary heating by heat pump reduces overall energy consumption
  • Proprietary Coil Heat Exchanger prevents limescale build-up
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for remote monitoring and setting of the unit
  • 2kW traditional heating element can be used to boost the system in cases of high demand or in the unlikely event that the heat pump should fail

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